Check it out...
Check out this video... THE DOG WON'T GET UP!!!!

Hi new member...
Heyo, my name is Sadie, one of Mazzy's BFFS!!!Soooo excited to post.... so umm HI!!!!

P.S. Moo is Life...

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Post #3 By: Elysa ~LFTH Staff~
Hallooooo! Sunday morning just got back from church :D
we might be goin to the pool today and I'm happy XD
I'm playing pokemon and typing this right now trainin up my eevee to be an espeon.... that's all I've got to say so ta ta!

Post #2 By: Elysa ~LFTH Staff~
Hallo :D today I had to go shopping for clothes for camp McDowell, it was torture but the camp is worth it, I didn't get to go to the awesome huge pool.....
that stunk.... like a stunky... heh heh... clever wordplay.... that's all I've got to say, see you tomorrow :D hopefully 0.0

Post #1 By: Elysa ~LFTH Staff~
Hallooooo fellow loomers :D im the friend (1 of them) of
the owner of LFTH :DDD make sure to check out the products too theres LOTS of nice bracelets, like the Warriors Code bracelet, and of course my pokemon cuffs. :D
if your order a pokemon cuff please be patient kapesh? you can do ANY pokemon you want even a lousy magikarp. Just one day think that the stuff you bought will help homeless people and less fortunate. Well I've got stuff to do things to draw. see ya tomorrow or something :D